Vendors List

Please support the following vendors and non-profit organizations at this year’s event. Without them, Pagan Pride Day would not be possible.

  • Midsummer Fairies &The Soul Garden Learning Annex; We offer the finest fairy, dragon and mythical products in the Antelope Valley. We offer statuary, incense, jewelry, books, candles, metaphysical products and more. Visit us online for more information and for store events and classes view our calendar online.
  • Eye of the Dragon- Incense, Pagan/Heathen/Celtic Silver Jewelry, Statuary Ritual Garb, Tarot, Tapestries and more! This is Ariadne’s booth, run by Brandon at AVPPDay
  • Impressions by Lirica Broome Shoppe: Crafts,custom hand made Brooms/Besoms for handfastings/weddings and other occasions. We also have herb products. Stop by our booth to see what we have to offer!
  • Tir Nathrach Apothecary - Handmade Incense, Smudges, and Herbs. Magical powders and scents to enhance your life.
  • Sabbatica Store - Samhain Items, Incense, Herbs, Handmade Candles, Books, Ritual Tools, Oils, Spell Kits, LHP Items, Jewelry, Flying Ointments and Tea, Healing Salves, Attraction salves & Items, Gothic Clothes, Music CD’s, Hekate Image Candles, Yule Gifts & Items, Brian Bodt Airbrush Dark Art & Photography, Spell Supplies.
  • The Owl and the Unicorn – Magickal Recycled & Resale, clothing and misc. items. Our items are specially selected for you. Come see us.
  • Frey’s Hermetic Supplies - Higher end product for serious witches. Black Mirrors, rune stones, wands, voodoo dolls, drinking horns, original art.
  • Orchid and Serpent Store - Fun for all occasions from simple fantasy to hardcore fetish gear.
  • Silent Hand Trading Company - The Silent Hand Trading Company is a multitalented orginazation who specialize in medieval combat and archery practices.
  • Carvings by Christopher - Hand Carved Wands, Chopsticks, Canes, and other items.
  • Antelope Valley Call Center

And our non profit groups:

  • Dragon’s Weyr Circle - Hrafn Skjoldr Kindred and the First Pantheistic Center.
  • Coven Tir Nathrach
  • Sunrise HIV/AIDS Foundation- a charity food bank for AIDS patients and their families
  • AV Human Relations Hate Crimes Task Force Hotline- Call 1-877-7AT-PEACE to report hate crimes in the Valley. (After you call 911!)
  • AVGLBT- The Antelope Valley Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Community Center provides a broad array of services, programs and outreach to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.
  • AV Outreach
  • Pagan Unity Foundation: “Dedicated to creating a gathering space and providing resources for pagans of all paths” Working towards creating a Pagan Community Center in LA and being the go-to place for news and networking in the LA Pagan Community.